• River Execution
    Sat, 07 Aug
    Indiana, USA
    07 Aug, 11:00
    Indiana, USA
    Share life with us as we hit the water one more time. The place for canoeing and kayaking to be determined.
  • The Mattingly Family Concert
    Sun, 08 Aug
    Galveston First Baptist Church
    08 Aug, 10:00
    Galveston First Baptist Church, 207 Sycamore St, Galveston, IN 46932, USA
    The Community Welcome
  • Joy Group Bus Trip
    Fri, 13 Aug
    Meet at Galveston First Baptist
    13 Aug, 09:00
    Meet at Galveston First Baptist, Sycamore St, Galveston, IN 46932, USA
    Vohne Liche Canine Olympics
  • Family Camping Weekend
    Fri, 17 Sep
    17 Sep, 00:00 – 19 Sep, 00:00
    Peru, E 500 S, Peru, IN 46970, USA
    Please see Kathy Nephew for availability.
  • Sevants Station Breakfast
    Sat, 31 Jul
    California St, Galveston, IN 46932, USA
    31 Jul, 07:00 – 10:00
    California St, Galveston, IN 46932, USA
    Start your Celebration of Galveston Days with us for breakfast! Located at the Servant Station in town.
  • Rocky Railroad Vacation Bible School
    Sun, 25 Jul
    Galveston First Baptist Church
    25 Jul, 06:00 – 29 Jul, 08:00
    Galveston First Baptist Church, 207 Sycamore St, Galveston, IN 46932, USA
    All aboard! You will not want to miss this train...register now for VBS. (Click the picture for full details)
    Sat, 24 Jul
    Yeakley's Home
    24 Jul, 11:00
    Yeakley's Home, Galveston, IN 46932, USA
    Don't forget your lawn chair, see you there!!
  • Happy Hearts Luncheon
    Thu, 22 Jul
    Jeanne Sisson's Home
    22 Jul, 12:00
    Jeanne Sisson's Home, 408 Sagebrush Dr, Kokomo, IN 46901, USA
  • Nickel Plate Trial (1)
    Mon, 28 Jun
    Galveston First Baptist Church
    28 Jun, 02:00
    Galveston First Baptist Church, Sycamore Street
    We are hitting the trial again for another wonderful day together. We will meet at the church with bikes or shoes for walking at 2:00. See you here!
  • Kayak/Canoe River Adventure
    Sun, 27 Jun
    Place to be determined
    27 Jun, 01:00
    Place to be determined, Indiana, USA
    There is nothing as refreshing as seeing God's creation from a different view!